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Tupix is a new online platform for 1-2-1 photo challenges. Share your pictures with the world, through photography challenges with friends and members of the Tupix community. Test your skills, learn more about photography, and make some friends.

Be more than creative

Creativity isn’t the only challenge on Tupix. Upload your best photos for head-to-head challenges, inviting friends to compete and vote. Build your profile and show the world what you can do, or be the judge of others skills and imagination.

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Upload, vote and win

Be part of something special by joining our supportive online community. Tupix members do much more than voting and commenting on your photos – they’ll recommend ways to take better pictures in future. As we add more features, users will be able to approach you with commissions and job offers.

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Go big or go home

From homes and skylines to landmarks and local events, our challenges let you compete against Tupix users near and far. When it comes to subject matter, the sky’s the limit and the world’s your oyster. As we add more features, geolocation will enable you to challenge people nearby, wherever you are.

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Ready to accept a photo challenge? Create your profile and start uploading your best smartphone or camera shots. Become part of a new online community, and learn more about good photography. There’s far more to Tupix than how many likes your photos receive...

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